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Amandeep Singh Sidhu

Harman Radio was established in June 2005 in Sydney. Though a farmer and an entrepreneur, yet there was a spark, somewhere in my thoughts that we should have a platform for Punjabi and Panjabiat from where one can talk from the depth of  spirit/soul. 

We voluntarily running first and only weekly Punjabi program in rural region of Coffs Harbour (NSW), famous as Woolgoolga, the village of first Punjabi/Indian settlement in Australia. The program was a huge success in distributing information, entertainment and running community programs.

Since year 2000 Australia is experiencing a huge migration boom from Indian subcontinent especially from Punjab. The streets of big cities like Melbourne and Sydney never seen a big number of Indian youth ever before. For the large population of Indians in foreign land there was a need of community based radio channel. We tried our best to convert this need into an opportunity to serve the community and mother tongue . He started working on this bigger goal.

There was 3 stage plan to start 24 hour broadcasting in Australia and World. There were number of limitations at first stage. The biggest was lack of spectrum availability in major city for specific language broadcasting(and it still is). After lot of research, IP protocoll was chosen which is more commonly known as ‘Internet radio’. Teams were formed which took various responsibilities such as studio building, instrumentation, quality control, advisory, etc. Program structure and content was discussed and planned. The first 24 hour test broadcast covering Sydney was conducted on 19th March 2010. The official live launch was on 19th March, 2011. Programs improved day by day and more concepts were launched.


Our mission is to promote and develop our values, language and culture in multicultural society of our new home. We are committed to provide closeness towards our roots. Our aim is to provide a suitable and encouraging platform for our talented community members. We want children born here to get knowledge and awareness about our golden heritage and culture and feel proud of it. We want our elders living or visiting here feel at home in vast cultural diversity of Australia.