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Message to organisers

Dear Organizer,

Promoting show or an event is very difficult task. It is often noted that organizers spend hundreds of thousands dollars organizing large events but due to lack of properly managed campaigns, the yields are poor. From my past 20 years experience in Radio business, let me share my knowledge with you, which may help you plan better for your investment and efforts.

When you are certain that you are going plan an event, please allow at least 12 weeks for radio advertising. Make appointment with Radio station’s advertising manager and plan a campaign. Your campaign should cover slow release of information every week, venue updates, playing more songs of the performing artists leading up to last 3 weeks of the shows. Multiple 30sec promos should be running at full pace by now. Full ticketing information and regular appearances in LIVE radio shows will help in last three weeks.  Plan LIVE interviews with artists in last week. Ask radio station to share posters or video messages on their facebook page or groups. If tickets sales are slow, offer some free giveaway tickets at least 2 weeks prior to the first show.

You must keep the following in your mind;

  1. Your show must be solid and well planned,

  2. Your reputation will matter,

  3. Make professional promos,

  4. Appoint media spokesman for your show to liaise with media,

  5. Customers make up their mind at least 3 weeks before,

  6. You have to reach to the customers,

  7. By giving away 10 free tickets, you may sell 100 tickets,

  8. Pay your advertiser upfront and you will see the difference in their attitude,

  9. After doing all of the above, do the field work.

Common mistakes;

  1. Ignore the prominent media,

  2. Look for free advertising by inserting media logo on posters,

  3. Using free/cheapest media or such media which in non-existent,

  4. Using facebook media only,

  5. Lack of field work,

  6. No payment for the services.

How Harman Radio can help your show?

  1. Most listened to online radio station in Australia and in fact worldwide

  2. Extensive experience in broadcasting

  3. We connect every city in Australia with local presenters

  4. We offer city only or National packages.

  5. We already have profiles of all Artists.

  6. We have direct access to artists from our Patiala Studio.

  7. 40 thousand plus genuine facebook followers

  8. Daily campaigning of your show rather than once a month(papers)

  9. Please contact us on phone +61285992811(ext 4) +919814378050 or via [email protected]


Happy Organizing,